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How to ask questions

Some points which would help you to compose the question to maximize the chance of getting an answer:

  1. You should ask yourself if your question is related to Kotlin. If the only reason to ask here is the fact you are solving your problem in Kotlin, and it would still sound meaningful for Java, there is a high chance that you should write to different chat related to your topic.
  2. You should search for existing answers (there are tons of them at StackOverflow tag:kotlin).
  3. If you still are going to ask here, please read through this article on StackOverflow. Ten minutes you spent on this should help you to ask good questions.
  4. You didn’t find an answer and know how to ask a meaningful question? Ask it at StackOverflow tag:kotlin and send a linked question to chat.


Recommended languages for chatting are Russian and English. Using other languages makes communication and moderation difficult, therefore moderators are entitled to request using these languages.

Our community has the following code of conduct.

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